Best Driver is an appreciated and prestigious training institution on the international market in automotive and transportation industry. We’re working based on the original methodology of teaching developed after many years of experience and constantly conducted tests and analyses.

Our training program was arranged by international specialists, in a way that makes the adaptation of knowledge easy for everyone. We make sure that the thematic of our trainings is always current and adjusted to the newest technological solutions used in vehicles. Thanks to patented courses and unique training methodology, we can propose the most effective trainings for drivers.

In Europe, we are specialized in trainings for freight and passage transport. We configured and tested special trainings dedicated to truck and bus drivers. In Poland, we are the first and only to offer a several days long trainings, which include not only exercises and lectures in a specialized center of improving driving techniques, but also individual rides with instructors in a regular traffic.

Multiplicity of tests, analyses, and the time invested in the knowledge development and adjustment our education system to the newest technologies, allowed us to achieve and expert status in matters of drivers’ improvements.

Recently, most of the European countries were included in our actions. In the past year, nearly a thousand of drivers benefited from our knowledge and experience.

In 2016, we implemented an innovative education program called “Young Best Driver,” which revolutionized the perspectives for the beginners in a driver’s profession.

As a reference to the project, a unique global scale contest – “Young Best Driver of the Year”, was organized, which brought out the best truck driver up to 26 years old.

Best Driver consists of top-notch specialists, rally and race drivers, instructors, and the greatest authorities in the field of safety driving. We’re a group of automotive industry enthusiasts, to whom a car is not only a means of transportation. Our mission is to raise awareness and skills of drivers in the field of safety driving.

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